Brand & Identity


Before starting Shipwire's rebrand, it was important to have a clear understanding of why the rebrand needed to happen. Shipwire needed to appeal to new customers and possibly win back customers who had left. The company was also repositioning itself as not just a SaaS but as a shipping and fulfillment company powered by a seriously powerful platform. I also needed to make sure that Shipwire could live under Ingram Micro's house of brands. With these goals in mind, I led efforts to define our brand identity including the values, our tone of voice and visual identity. Consistency was key and our message needed to carry over into everything internal and external. I did this by evangelizing the brand internally through guidelines and design systems. 


Ingram Micro Services

Ingram Micro Services' identity was initially a challenge because it had evolved many times over a short 6 years. In 2016 when I started with Ingram Micro, Ingram Micro Commerce & Fulfillment was solely focused on shipping and fulfillment, marketing itself as a network of warehouses across the country, powered by Shipwire's platform. By 2018, it had acquired several new businesses and marketed itself as a complete fulfillment lifecycle, changing its name to Ingram Micro Commerce and Lifecycle Services. I led the redesign and evolution of the brand throughout this time and in 2022, the company Ingram Micro Services was acquired by CMA CGM. See more.


Renugo, an ITAD Service

IT Asset Disposition is a service that offers product recycling and secure wiping of technological devices. Renugo is a B2B business created by Ingram Micro Services to sell bulk recycled devices that have already been through the ITAD process. These devices are wiped, cleaned, repaired, and ready for another business to purchase. The final logo shows a playful mark using color and incorporating a circular arrow which nods to recycling.


REV - Revolutionizing Reverse

One of many several special project opportunities I had a chance to lead was REV, a new automation conveyor system designed to improve productivity in the mobile industry, created explicitly for Ingram Micro. Some goals for the logo included creating motion either through typography or a mark. Additionally, the executive team wanted the brand to reflect Nascar or racing for the pitch deck and overall feel. 


Other Brands at Ingram Micro

Over the course of 6.5 years, we developed a number of umbrella brands for various projects and services. Within these, we always used a main color from Ingram Micro Services as the primary color, and the same typeface throughout to help create consistency. 


CEVA Logistics

After Shipwire's acquisition, I developed the identity for a new cloud platform Cloud Commerce to be marketed for CEVA Logistics. I also designed a premium white glove service program offered to CEVA's top 25 clients called The Century Program. Beyond 2025 was an internal campaign designed to present a 3-year company-wide plan for CEVA Logistics to become a top 3 global fulfillment business.


Swyft Fitness

Swyft Fitness is a client who needed a complete rebrand. I worked with the company CEO to help rebrand the business and set brand guidelines for their team to follow. I also designed their initial website and art directed their photography.