Shipwire.com Redesign

Shipwire.com Redesign

Shipwire.com Redesign

New Brand, New Site

As lead designer of ux/ui, I oversaw the end-to-end design of Shipwire.com, a B2B SaaS product that served as a platform for global fulfillment for Ingram Micro. Shipwire, founded in 2007, underwent an initial rebrand after its acquisition in 2016 to position itself as a leading logistics and fulfillment company. After this rebrand, however, the brand and its site sat untouched for several years. In 2020, I led the effort to rebrand it again to showcase Shipwire's advanced warehouse technologies and automation capabilities through a powerful platform with a vast network of warehouses.

In addition to these business changes, we also aimed to enhance the site's performance. Despite a decent score of 81/100, we identified areas for improvement such as slow loading times due to bulky site assets and poor accessibility with a score of only 75. By addressing these issues, we were able to create a more seamless user experience for visitors to Shipwire.com.


Major Pain Points

• Outdated information and messaging

• Mobile UX was an afterthought

• Featured clients no longer using the product

• Unevolved visuals including: iconography, illustrations, muddy color palette, dated photography styling and stock photography.


Research & Wireframes

After meeting with key stakeholders, a sitemap was created and content was written. We began with the homepage, and slowly built the website out launching pages as they were completed. 


Wireframed, designed, prototyped, tested, developed and launched.

Use the slider to see before and after


Main Nav + Footer

A lot of time was dedicated to the exploration and design of the Main Nav, its behavior and the way Shipwire visitors would interact with it. 


Contact Us + Forms and behaviors


Site Performance Before & After Redesign


Following this work, the site saw an increase in the number of unique visitors from 6,400 to 8,000, a 25% increase within six months. This redesign eventually contributed to the $3B acquisition by fulfillment giant CMA CGM. 


Art Direction + Lead Designer


June 2021 - November 2022


Gabriel Gallego  //  Alejandra Lopez