Learn with Homer

Pigeon Post


One of the most exciting features of the Learn with Homer App is the Pigeon Post functionality, which allows kids to express their creativity and send personalized postcards to loved ones. As the designer for this feature's first iteration, I had to keep in mind the coordination skills of the target age group and prioritize simplicity, clarity, and ease of use.

To create a postcard, a child selects a professionally illustrated image with a cutout space for their face. This makes it easy for them to superimpose their own head onto the character and personalize the image. On the back of the postcard, the child can add audio recordings, another image, or pick their artwork or a predesigned stamp to decorate the card. Finally, they can preview the postcard and send it to an approved list of contacts that their parent has pre-selected.

By providing an engaging and easy-to-use interface, the Pigeon Post functionality encourages children to exercise their creativity while also helping them build social connections with loved ones.



UX/UI Designer, Freelance


December 2013 - April 2014