Shipwire Rebrand

After 5 years, Shipwire realized the need to rebrand and position itself as a top-tier fulfillment and logistics company with a robust platform, an extensive network of warehouses equipped with advanced technologies and automation capabilities. The previous brand lacked relevance due to outdated content and services, a dull color palette, confusing iconography, and emotionless photography.

To stay ahead of the competition, Shipwire aimed to establish a new identity that aligned with its revamped product offerings. The goal was to attract new customers while reestablishing trust with existing ones. Following research and discovery meetings, I embarked on the task of refreshing the brand."

Old Branding

The previous branding had illustrations that were unclear and difficult to comprehend, a color palette that was muddy and detracted from the content. Tier 2 illustrations were excessively complex, making it challenging to read them in smaller sizes. Additionally, the photography had a stylized, dark overlay or used stock photos that lacked originality.



The brand overhaul involved narrowing down the color palette and opting for vibrant, contemporary colors that complement the content without being overwhelming, while still being able to grab attention when necessary. I also curated a healthy blend of well-lit photography and graphic elements, including dotted lines representing the transportation journey and photos depicting automation and robotics. Furthermore, for website assets, we incorporated simplistic animations to elevate the visual appeal.


Ingram Micro Services

Over a period of 6.5 years, the Ingram Micro Services brand underwent multiple changes and adaptations due to various acquisitions and diverse business directions. With the objective of creating a brand that could easily adjust to these transformations, I employed patterns, illustrations, and striking shapes as the foundation and applied it to everything from website design to office environmental signage, and marketing/sales enablement tools.


"I had the pleasure to work closely with John for six years. In that time, John taught me so much about being a graphic designer. He is an exceptional person and creative leader with an impressive skill set and a passion for delivering incredible work. He excels at communicating complex design concepts and collaborating with clients and team members to create innovative and meaningful design solutions. He is an invaluable asset for any team."

Rian Olson,

Senior Designer


Art Direction + Lead Designer


May 2016 - April 2022


Alejandra Lopez  // Rian Olson