Learn with Homer

B2C Homer Website

Learn with Homer

B2C Homer Website

Learn with Homer

B2C Homer Website


How it Started

Learn with Homer is an educational reading tool designed to be a way for children to gain additional practice and build confidence. With the product set to launch in 2014, I was asked to design their homepage.

Understanding the target audience, teachers and parents, I knew the site needed to immediately feel trustworthy and approachable. It also needed to be easy to use and easy to digest information.


Research & Wireframes

The in-house team at Learn with Homer had literary experts and brilliant illustrators. The illustrations were colorful and featured peaceful scenes and friendly characters. 

I brainstormed several wireframe concepts with the project team, and asked them to simplify content for each module. I then executed designs based on the established style guides, presented design directions to the team and I developed design specs for production.


"Meet John Castillo, your modern day Vitruvian man. He not only is a creative who concepts, illustrates, and lays out ideas from start to finish. His diverse interestes make him a prime candidate for any task requiring a bit of creative "umph." John is what I would call a "connector" (a la Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point"). He's the peanut butter in a PB&J, and its his ability to connect and relate to people that make him such a pleasure to be around, and such a wealth of information."

Kalika Kastein,

Educator • Peace Researcher


Visual Designer, Freelance


January 2014 - February 2014